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October 2013 Elections

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3 October 2013 -
17 December 2013

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Turnout 8 in Senate, 3 in House
  Hippoholder.PNG Corpseparrotman.jpg Hippoholder.PNG
Nominee Dave Corpse of Parrotman Veggie
Home country USA Bird Underworld everywhere
Votes after IRV Flag of the Netherlands.png 500px-Flag of Israel.png Flag of Canada.png Flag of British Raj.png - Flag of New Zealand.png Flag of HRE.png
Popular vote 2 1 0

  Df2015avi.jpg Hippoholder.PNG
Nominee Darkflame Dan
Home country Netherlands USA
Votes after IRV Flag of South Korea.png Flag of Poland.png
Popular vote 0 0

Leader before election


Elected Leader


The October 2013 Elections were an astonishing, staggering and stunning triumph of democracy.

Election rules[]

In order to ensure that the Elections run smoothly and everyone is satisfied, the Ministry of Abundant Democracy has introduced a sweeping reform which introduced a Senate and a House of Representatives[1].

In order to be elected Leader, a candidate would have to get a simple majority in the House, unanimity in the Senate (which was later changed to a simple majority as well), and not be vetoed by the King.

Proceedings in the Senate[]

Originally, the states represented in the Senate were USA, Ireland, Bottom Korea, New Zealand, Netherlands and Poland. Each of these states were to select one senator, who would then vote for leader.


Canada[2], Amazonas[3], Holy Roman Empire and British Raj[4] were all pissed that they don't have a representative and started insurgencies. The Canadian rebels have burned down the new FPH Senate building, and from that point on it had to assemble in the FPH Island Starbucks.

With the collapse of the Clan as a result of the shutdown, the rebels have enforced their demands. In the end, the elected candidates from each states were:

Flag of USA.png For USA: none was elected[5]

Flag of Ireland.png For Ireland: Lahmia[6]

Flag of the Netherlands.png For Netherlands: Darkflame[7]

500px-Flag of Israel.png For the Jews: Dave[8]

Flag of Poland.png For Poland: Shusky[9]

Flag of South Korea.png For South Korea: Veggie[10]

Flag of New Zealand.png For New Zealand: Veggie [11]

Flag of Amazonas.png For State of Amazonas: Elpea[12]

Flag of Canada.png For Canada: Deff Blatter[13]

Flag of HRE.png For the Holy Roman Empire: Shusky[14]

Flag of British Raj.png For British Raj: Darkflame[15]

Holy Roman - French war[]

Due to the inability of the Holy Roman Empire to settle a simple procedural vote, they autodeclared war on France at one point[16]. Fortunately, they seem to have been able to white peace out

Government shutdown[]

Because the elections didn't conclude at deadline, a 'Murica-style government shutdown took place. Everyone agreed that 'Murica-style things are horrible[17].


Dave won, and so did democracy[18]