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Penguin Times
Penguin times logo.png
Format Berliner
Founder Nile Penguins
Publisher Nile Press Inc.
Editor-in-chief Guy Josselyne
Founded 2010
Political alignment Nile Penguins
Language English
Price: 4.5 Cookies

The Penguin Times is an English language newspaper published by the Penguins; as such, it's the number one world Penguin medium in terms of audience. Noted for high journalistic standards, it is perhaps best known to the Templars for its sports coverage, as the News Forum publishes their material during major sporting events (first with the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics).


Some Canadians maintain that the newspaper is anti-Canadian. One of the senior editors dismissed these claims as "bullshit and a perfect example why Canadians shouldn't say anything ever at all".