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Oh my god pony rides pony :3

Pony is a tiny horse that is adorable on the grounds of being tiny and also on the grounds of being a hoers


Pony, ponie, ponay and ponee are all acceptable forms. Plurals include ponies, ponays, and ponii.

Use in warfare[]

Ponies are crucial in all Age of games due to dudes on pony being faster and stronger than dudes not on pony. Ponie can be used to scout and also to flank archers and also to kill siege engines. Ponay is also excellent against monks.

Objectively the most pony of all ponies is the Kataskopos in AoM

ponii are highly social creatures

Famous ponies[]

Shetland Pony is a fat pony and Kate Beaton drew it. It is the Minister of Internal Affairs in one of Kate Beaton's universes.

Pony is the protagonist of Ponay Adventures series.

My Little Pony is a show for little girls that gained cult following by grown-ass men, what the fuck.

World's Smallest Pony is the most important character in Psychonauts.

Maplehoof is the most important character in Homestuck.

See also[]

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