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Second October 2012 Elections

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24 October 2012 -
ca. 10 November 2002

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Turnout Not in ℝ
  Adolf Hitler-1933.jpg Hippoholder.PNG Hippoholder.PNG
Nominee Adolf Hitler Darkflame Elpea
Party NSDAP[1] - Seizure Party[2]
Home country Germany Netherlands Brazeel
Popular vote Not in ℝ Not in ℝ Not in ℝ

  Psy.jpg Soggy gw2 avatar.png Hippoholder.PNG
Nominee Psy Soggy Theias via Lief
Party like an animal - Seizure Party[2]
Home country South Korea Canada Canada via Texas
Popular vote Not in ℝ Not in ℝ Not in ℝ

Nominee Avenger
Party -

Home country citizen of the world
Popular vote Not in ℝ

Leader before election


Elected Leader

Adolf Hitler

The Second, Third and Fourth 2012 Leader Elections, collectively known as the Second 2012 Leader Elections, were fucking stupid.

The Elections[]

There were three simultaneous elections thread, by three different admins[3]. As such, the ultimate results are impossible to be given in that fancy elections sidebar of ours without turning it into a hypercube.

It should be noted that some of those candidates were nominated several times, legitimately[4].

In the end, Hitler won two out of three threads, becoming irl the Leader of the FPH Clan[5][6][7]. It could have been worse