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Tea Hall Putsch
Purpleshirt victory parade
Date 21 May 2011
Location The Forums
Result Establisment of the 40,000 Post Reich
Casus belli Democracy being a cockroachist archaic system
Purpleshirts None
Lief, Umholi
Darkflame, Reichssturmbahnumholi
Shusky, Reichssturmbahnumholi
3 -
none none

The Tea Hall Putsch was a glorious coup which brought Lief to power forever. It marked the end of the old political system with semi-annual elections and bitching about stuff.

It would probably have been extremely violent had there been anyone to in fact oppose it


The April 2011 Elections ended with Lief's victory. Some wise and handsome Templars who may or may not have been from Europe noted that with only 13 votes, the constitution allowed them to easily call up unsuccessful impeachment votes every week. As the leaders were required to let go of their admin powers during impeachment votes, this would block Lief for the whole term and leave all power in the greedy hands of admins. Unfortunately, the first attempt at impeachment vote was accidentally successful, leading to May 2011 Elections.

During the May 2011 elections, another impeachment vote was called up to impeach whoever was going to get elected. This impeachment vote succeeded before the elections ended, causing the elections to be cancelled and leading to the Second May 2011 Elections.

The Putsch[]



At this point people were like "fuck it" and admins and Europe offered Lief help in carrying out a putsch that would install him as a ruler forever. On May 21st, in his 40,000th post, Lief proclaimed the end of the Clan as we knew it and the beginning of the 40,000 Post Reich[1]. At the same time, Lief's fanatical supporters known as Purpleshirts violently brought down the election forum[2].

More violence was scheduled to happen but since everyone was like "k" everyone had tea instead. The cookies which were supposed to get into organising the artistic events connected to Lief's original planned 40,000th post mysteriously disappeared, as did all people inquiring into that.