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The original sculpture

Teal Hippos are creatures hailing back all the way from the original FPH thread who are considered the ultimate nemeses of the Flying Purple Hippos.


The Teal Hippos were invented by AoMH poster GNon[1]. The inspiration was an ancient Egyptian hippo sculpture, currently in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York[2]. So yes the inspiration for FPHs was a Magic: The Gathering card and the inspiration for Teal Hippos was a genuine ancient Egyptian work of art; bringing this up is considered very rude.

Anyway later in the thread Gagylpus invented the Golden Hippo as a sort of synthesis of Flying Purple Hippos and Teal Hippos, and the theological implications of this are so vast I now need to go lie down for a minute.


This Fajita's depiction does have wings, just to confuse you

The Teal Hippos are described as smaller than FPHs but matching them in strength. Unlike FPHs, they don't have wings and can't fly.

In classical mythology[]

The story of the origin of the Teal Hippos in classical mythology could seriously use an editor. Gagy apparently abandoned the original idea of all hippos living in peace, and now the Teal Hippos were originally FPHs that were cursed by the Golden Hippo in a sequence of events that makes no bloody sense at all in any way whatsoever. Later they serve Atari in all those Atari plotlines. You know the ones with Atari?

In later lore[]

In Martin's story the Teal Hippos are the main antagonists. Uniquely, in this story they seem to co-operate with Teal Riders, who are apparently an evil version of the FPH Clan bossed around by deadlydentures.

The Teal Hippos are also the main antagonists of the upcoming FPH Game.

In recorded history[]

Beware Teals in Triremes

Teal Hippos attempted to interrupt the Golden Hippo Summoning Ritual of 2005[3], but were driven away by divine wind. It also turned out they are proficient zeppelin operators.


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