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The Establishment
Establishment logo.png
Abbreviation te
Founded 2006
Key people Shusky
International affiliation pro-Penguin
Ideology Elitism
"Elitism. Shiny."
"Morse Shusky for a better tomorrow. More brainwashing for a better yesterday."

The Establishment was the foremost elitist party of the heroic age. Founded to defend the ruling Euro-Raider conglomerate from the NNA challenge in the December 2006 Elections[1], it ruled both literally and figuratively, until after the elections when it only ruled figuratively.

The Establishment was a hardline totalitarian party, with Raider driving a lot of its ideology and political strategy. As hard elitism gradually became unpopular both within the party and the general population, its European wing broke away from totalitarian policies and established the milder Freudpartei FPH.