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A goddamned forum!

The FPH Forums are the central community hub of FPH. They were established in July of 2002, several months after the first site, in order to move the hilarious FPH discussions away from the clearly undeserving AoMH Forums. Talon did most of the work, which is why he got to be forums member #1.

Technical shit[]

It's an IPBoard that used to be a really archaic one but got updated twice, thanks to generous Jewish donations.

Current organisation[]

There's currently eight all-Templar forums in three categories, plus around seventeen mod forums. There's a totally sweet table at the bottom of this article where you can read about each individual one! OTD is historically by far the most active forum, although a lot of traffic has been diverted from it with the foundation of STST.


Originally the FPH Clan adhered to the unwritten rule that importance of a clan is proportional to the number of its forums, which means there was a whole goddamned shitload of them. Among the historical forums which later got merged elswhere were such specimen as Design Forum, Other Game Randomness or AoM Ladder. Most can be found in Archives.

The forums are still on that same 2002 database, and every precious moment of those years is recorded forever, with the exception of a large part of 2009 which was lost in the 2009 hacker attack, never forget.

The forums usually followed the same News - Clan Shit - Discussions layout, except for a period between 2007 and 2008 when people fucked with them. These changes caused some environmental damage and were fiercely opposed by Mothers Against Forum Re-ordering, a political pressure group who enentually forced the restoration of the traditional order via education, lobbying and terrorism.


The brown skin is the iconic look of the FPH Forums. There were also the original light blue skin and and another darker blue skin, but they ain't got no deca95, son. The original 2002 banner was replaced by a new one in 2010 but will live forever in our hearts. The swirly thing in the background that's full of compression artifacts is apparently there to stay.


The cookie system and the dugong system are the most significant modifications in place. Historical features include the Arcade, a Karma system, and cVote.

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