War ele

AoK War Elephant, here pictured phantin'

War Elephants are the second most important units of the "Age of" games, after Cataphracts; however, they are the only one to appear in every single title. They are terrifying but vulnerable to enemy monks due to slow speed and deep spirituality. Having a war elephant converted by enemy priest/monk/whatever is the most emotionally devastating thing that can happen to you in an Age game.

War elephants can easily be transformed to peace elephants by signing a peace treaty.

In Age gamesEdit

Age of EmpiresEdit

The original Age of Empires was the elephantest Age game. In addition to regular war elephants, it also featured elephant archers. Then RoR added armored elephants and basically you were in elephant heaven.

Age of KingsEdit

In Age of Empires II the war elephants were the Persian UU. Strong willed and independent, they needed no rider on their backs because they understood perfectly well what you were saying to them, thank you.

Age of MythologyEdit

War elephants were Egyptian Migdol units. The fact that it was their riders that spoke when you selected them or gave them orders, rather than the elephants themselves, is considered one of the few fundamental flaws of AoM.

Age of Empires IIIEdit

There were no war elephants in the vanilla game, which coupled with the lack of cataphracts meant it wasn't an actual Age title. Fortunately the designers realised that and Asian Dynasties featured a shitload of elephants, including cannon elephants

Age of Empires OnlineEdit

AoEO has war elephants and elephant archers and elephant riders but the Persians can't build them and I'm not sure how I feel about that


An elephant division is called elephantry and it's an actual word that exists~