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Hippo-Leodensian War
What is Leeds?
Date 17 August 2011 - 11 July 2012
Location Leeds, UK
Result Total annihilation of Leeds
Casus belli Dishonoured alliance call
40,000 Post Reich Leeds
Lief, Umholi
Darkflame, Reichssturmbahnumholi
Shusky, Reichssturmbahnumholi
Cllr James McKenna, Lord Mayor
0 1,442,853
1 sharpie pen 63 alcohol-related deaths

The War in Leeds or Hippo-Leodensian War was a conflict between the Glorious 40,000 Post Reich of the Flying Purple Hippos Clan and Leeds. It was suspended due to the loss of the entire expeditionary force sent by the Reich to fight in the Hippo-Colombian War.

The war concluded when Leeds was effectively wiped off the map in mid-July 2012.


Following the proclamation of the 40,000 Post Reich, an alliance was formed by Lief with Leeds in an effort to expand the reach of the forums into Middle England. The alliance proved profitable and rich cultural exchange quickly followed.

In August, 2011, Colombia killed a hippo[1], sparking the Hippo-Colombian War. Leeds traitorously refused to meet its military responsibilities to the 40,000 Post Reich. After convening a midnight assembly and consuming 13 cases of peach schnapps, the Reichssturmbahnumholi unanimously resolved, with one holdout, to pursue war against the backstabbers.

But more importantly,[]

Leeds beat Hull 4-1 the previous day, using dishonourable tactics and traps most certainly.

Suspension of Active Operations[]

During the invasion of Colombia, the entire expeditionary force of the 40,000 Post Reich was lost.[2] Following this disaster, military operations against Leeds were immediately suspended.

Current Status[]

Women in Leeds enjoying a spa.

Leeds remains a boring as fuck town and we're glad we never bothered going.